Michele H.

We are so grateful to have gotten to know Michele over the last couple years as she is absolutely crushing her goals!! Michele thanks for all of your efforts and willingness to achieve great things. So proud of you! Here’s what she had to say about her experiences with Athletic Instinct:) “A little over 2 years ago I went out on the search for a gym to join. I wasn’t happy with myself and I was wasting money keeping a gym membership I didn’t use because I wasn’t comfortable going there. I went to one of the free classes at AI because one of my good friends was going and loved it so much. I didn’t understand how someone could love a gym so much.. it’s just a gym. Boy, was I wrong! AI has completely transformed my life! I’m down 35 pounds and have gained more confidence and a wonderful group of people that I get to get my butt kicked with. And I love (almost) every second of it! The trainers are amazing and have so much passion and knowledge! They help, encourage and push you to be your absolute best self! Because of AI I have more energy to spend being active and I’m able to get down and play with my grand kids!”

Evan Cook